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With ever encroaching compliance commitments from GDPR, ISO27001 to credit card, health and safety and more, smaller businesses carry a disproportionate cost and distraction just to stand still.

Our approach takes the best of the online community, knowledge hub and professional networking, supported by templated content, analyst and assistant time, made available through an individualised user experience.

Fusion's approach is one of helping to get done what is immediately necessary legally while building policies and procedures with controls to assure those commitments are kept.

We act as your trusted colleague - DPO, ISMS Manager, Compliance Manager to bring experience and quality skills for a reasonable cost. Additionally, we have a respondent law firm that specialises in Information Law so we can provide a legal perspective in the mix.

We achieve this economically using SaaS platforms for different types of business and function, combined with our cyber protection, compliance and general knowledge of business operations. Joining them together to scale to be both cost-performant and truly reduce risk.

As a vendor member of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) we take cooperation and protection seriously on behalf of our customers.

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Our services and skills listed on the 2019 UK Government's G-10 and the Digital Outcomes and Solutions Digital Marketplace supplier frameworks.

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